Monday, January 30, 2017

Emily McDonald Carter Cooley Dunn

Born September 10, 1839 Waverly, Humphreys Co., Tennessee

Died July 31, 1945 Smith


103rd Birthday of "Granny" Dunn 1942

The Livingston Ledger, Thurs., 10 September 1942

A celebration will be held Sunday to mark the 103rd birthday of "Granny" Dunn, who lives with her son, Sam H. Cooley, in the Scotts Chapel neighborhood. She was born 103 years ago today (Thursday) near Waverly, Tenn.

"Granny" is still in good health and expects to beat her father's record of 105 year of life.

She has been married 4 times and has 5 children, 17 grand children and 3 great-granchildren. 

She was born Emily McDonald and shortly after the Civil War - which she remembers vividly - she married Jeff Carter. She has been married three times since then to James Cooley in 1876; to John Dunn in 1887 and to Will Dunn in 1922. Her last two husbands were brothers and both had been Union soldiers. All four husbands are now dead.

A story about "Granny" appeared in the magazine section of Sunday's Courier-Journal, written by G.T. Wilson of Smithland. The last paragraph of Mr. Wilson's story follows:
"Up until about three years ago, "Granny" would walk as far as two miles to visit, but now she's quit that. She has stopped bending over to touch her fingers to the floor while keeping her knees straight, too. But she still doesn't want anyone to take her arm when she walks."